Cost of membership

 Categories of members

Category Description
Professional member: natural persons accredited as “Mediator SCCM” and/or “Conflict Manager SCCM”
Member of interest: natural persons without accreditation or legal entities

Both categories of members benefit from the same services of the Chamber whereby only our accredited members are entitled to use the title SKWM.

Annual fees for members without Section membership

Service Fee
Membership fee CHF 140*
Membership organisation fee to SDM (Schweizerischer Dachverband Mediation) CHF 45
Accreditation fee per professional title (Commercial Mediator SCCM, Conflict Manager SCCM) CHF 140*

*We grant new members a 50% discount in the first year.

Annual fees for members with Section membership**

Section Section fee Accreditation fee
(per professional title)
SDM Contribution Total
Berne CHF 100 CHF 150 CHF 45 CHF 295
French  Part CHF 105/55 * CHF 150 CHF 45 CHF 300/250*
Italian Part CHF 100 CHF 150 CHF 45 CHF 295
Zurich CHF 100 CHF 150 CHF 45 CHF 295

*depending to the category

Re-accreditations in 2021 will incur CHF 66 re-accreditation fees, re-accreditations in 2022 CHF 33.

**Sections will be dissolved or integrated into the national association by the end of 2022. From 2023, the fees without section membership apply.

Kosten für Ausbildungsinstitute

Beiträge für die Akkreditierung als Ausbildungsinstitut

Leistung Beitrag
Prüfung und Bearbeitung des Akkreditierungsantrags CHF 1000
Reakkreditierung (alle 3 Jahre) CHF 500
Profilerstellung öffentliche SKWM Ausbilder-Datenbank (fakultativ) CHF 200