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This is the first of three modules provided as part of an overall 120 hour program designed by TOOLKIT Company (an IMI QAP) for the SKWM/CSMC/SCCM. The course is divided into 12 sessions, most of which are ½ day sessions of 5 hours each and 2 full day training sessions of 8 hours. It includes a 2 hour introductory class (free of charge) that will take place on February 16th 2020 and individual coaching sessions of 20-30 minutes with one of the trainers. Participants are also invited to participate in an additional voluntary class to focus on any special topic of interests. This training is recommended for new mediators, lawyers, in-house counsel, business executives, arbitrators and judges seeking to improve their negotiation skills and when to use mediation, as well as experienced mediators already having a domestic or national mediation practice but wishing to learn more about commercial mediation or gain new insights into different approaches to their existing practice.  For more information, see: here.  To register for this module, click here.  (This training is provided in English.