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Toolkit Module 1: Online training to become a qualified mediator and effective negotiator (via ZOOM, May 1-26, 2020)
This is the first of several modules (organised in English) by CSMC-R with Toolkit Company (NL), a provider of IMI Qualifying Assessment Programs in the Netherlands (Trainer: Manon Schonewille).  It qualifies for 40 hours of approved continuous professional development training for SKWM/CSMC/SCCM mediators.  This is an introductory course to mediation and negotiation for professionals who may want to use the time during the Coronavirus confinement period to do some online training, improve their negotiation skills and become a commercial mediator.  This course is designed to meet international mediation certification standards, and may be combined with other modules to qualify for International Mediation Institute (IMI) certified mediator. The training consists of 12 learning modules taught in 8 half days sessions and in 2 full day classes, all taught online using ZOOM. This course will cover different approaches to negotiation and mediation, the 7 stages of mediation, working cross-culturally and internationally, Q&A, and will include exercises to develop practical active listening skills, and how to reformulate and redirect attention, to find solutions to negotiations that may have become stuck.  In addition to providing you with the basics of becoming a mediator, it will also teach you how to mediate and negotiate online and how to use ZOOM (where you will discover you can do more than you may think).  The special introductory rate for this first module of 40 hours is € 2,222,00.  A 10% discount will be available for students taking 2 or more modules.  For further information see:

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