CEDR´s International Accreditation Programm – MST International

CEDR’s International Accreditation Programme is for highly experienced, practising mediators who want to differentiate themselves in the market and work in complex, high-level international conflicts and disputes.

The programme also includes assessment for CEDR’s leading international Mediator accreditation for non-accredited participants.

This training is exclusively for practising mediators as it will focus on advanced conflict engagement skills and processes requiring a high degree of experience. Places are limited and participation is subject to a brief application.

International Accreditation Programme – CEDR

Aranda Mediation Conference 2022

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Aranda 2022 features more than 20 distinguished global leaders including senior diplomats, jurists, leaders of environmental and humanitarian agencies, and legal technology experts from around the world. Designed for a global audience, join us as we
discuss the latest developments in mediation and review the trends in hybrid dispute resolution processes, mediation advocacy, and public interest disputes.


  • Mediation and diplomacy
  • Fostering trust and shared interests
  • Integrating mediation and arbitration
  • Public interest disputes
  • Mediation and the implementation of UN Sustainable
  • Development Goals
  • Technology and creative problem-solving
  • Developments on the Singapore Convention
  • Third party funding for high stakes mediation
  • Managing power imbalances
    Rethinking justice norms
  • Innovations in mediation advocacy



CEDR Mediation Skills Training (virtual course)

This is a 6-day course with a weekend break in between of 12&13 March. The course is from 8am-17:00 (GMT)

Prize: GBP £4,150.00


Course Overview

In the first three days of the course you will be introduced to the general concept of mediation, the essential foundations for mediation like confidentiality, respect and empathy and its process framework of five mediation phases: preparation, opening, exploration, bargaining and concluding phase. The curriculum will be teached in an interactive way with the use of different case studies. In the second three days you will be assessed for the internationally recognizes CEDR accreditation. You will be given a mock case and be asked to mediate each phase of mediation with your clients and its lawyers.

The attendance of the CEDR Mediation Skills Training provides you with an international recognised CEDR accreditation (subject to passing the above mentioned assessments) to act as a mediator. Further, the practical and interactive approach of the training teaches you in-depth knowledge of effective communication techniques, negotiations skills, how to handle emotions and manage different needs and interests. Moreover, the knowledge and practice of the structured mediation process will give you more security in dealing with delicate situations and conflicts in general with clients and other mediators.


Your preparation and postprocessing

Study of CEDR Mediation Handbook and the Mediation Simulator on CEDR´s website (approximately 8 hours study time). Delivery of two papers reviewing a « Settlement Agreement“ and discussing your « Personal Reflection and Goals as Mediator »  (approximately 10 hours).


Accreditation by the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (SCCM) 

CEDR is an institution recognized by the SCCM. The Mediator Skills Training will count towards the (re-)accreditation of individual members as a „Mediator SCCM“.

For more information and questions please click on the link below or contact Corina Bölsterli CEDR´s Swiss partner (mail@corinaboelsterli.com).


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