Chargement Évènements

This online introductory course to mediation and effective negotiation consists of 12 modules of 4+ hours each (including breaks). New starting date 15th January 2021, with an introductory class on 8th January 2021.

This course will cover different approaches to negotiation and mediation, the 7 stages of mediation, working cross-culturally and internationally, Q&A, and includes exercises to develop practical active listening skills, how to reformulate and redirect attention, and how to find solutions to negotiations that may have become stuck. In addition to providing you with the basics of becoming a mediator and effective negotiator, it will also teach you how to work online as well as in face-to-face meetings. The course is offered by TOOLKIT Company, a Dutch ADR Training and Consulting Company that is accredited as a Qualifying Assessment Program by the International Mediation Institute (IMI).The training is recognized and approved by the SCCM for CPD hours of introductory training in Commercial Mediation. A price discount will be available for SCCM Members

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