Chargement Évènements

This is the third of three modules provided as part of an overall 120 hour program designed by TOOLKIT Company (an IMI QAP) for the SKWM/CSMC/SCCM. It is an intense practical session for students having taken Modules 1 or 2 or for experienced mediators wishing to try out new techniques in a safe simulation environment that provides peer and participant feedback.  The module involves role plays to test advanced practices (e.g., co-mediations, complex disputes, multi-party disputes, etc.).  It is also an opportunity for self-reflection, using Toolkit’s 5-step intervision process and to test out advanced practices in challenging situations, such as breaking through deadlocks or impasses, and dealing with practical dilemmas and strategic choices.  This module is available in 2 versions (online and in-person) and may be provided several times a year depending on registrations.

  • ONLINE COURSE (10 hours) This module is scheduled to next take place via ZOOM in two ½-day sessions in September 2021.  To register for this module, click here.
  • IN PERSON COURSE (17 hours) This 2-day module is scheduled to next take place in Geneva, Switzerland on Sep-Nov. 2021 (depending on Coronavirus restrictions).  To register for this module, click here. (This training is provided in English).