SCCM members profit from our national and international network of commercial mediators. We offer a broad range of continuing education events as well as a platform for reaching parties who may be looking for a mediator.

Also, we award the title “Mediator SCCM” or “Conflict Manager CCCM” to our accredited members, who are then also entitled to include a personalized profile in our database of SCCM Mediators that is searchable via the “Find a Mediator” function on the SCCM website.

Last, but not least, all our members profit from special conditions for continuing education and training conducted by SCCM-accredited institutions.

Membership Categories

There are two SCCM membership categories:

Interest Membership Members of Interest are companies or natural persons who do not hold an SCCM accreditation.
Professional MembershipProfessional Members are accredited mediators who hold the title “Mediator SCCM” or “Conflict Manager SCCM”.


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Annual feesInterest MembershipProfessional MembershipCompanies
Membership feeCHF 140CHF 140CHF 500
Fee to SDM-FSM (as SCCM is a member organisation of SDM-FSM)CHF 45CHF 45
Accreditation fee per title
(Mediator SCCM, Conflict Manager SCCM)
CHF 140
Total per yearCHF 185CHF 325*CHF 500

*For members with both titles (Mediator SCCM and Conflict Manager SCCM) an additional CHF 140 is charged.

Membership Application

The SCCM Board grants admissions.

In the first membership year we offer a 50% discount on the membership fee and the accreditation fee.

Application Form