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The Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (SCCM) promotes and supports the practice of mediation. Our vision is a world in which business conflicts are resolved through mediation in a collaborative, creative and mutually beneficial manner. We provide a platform for competent, professional and ethical commercial mediation.

We are an association of people who are interested in commercial mediation. Accordingly, our members, who offer mediations in over 10 different languages, have a wide range of backgrounds and experience in business matters.

SCCM accredited mediators help businesses and individuals avoid disputes and resolve them quickly, cost-efficiently and independently. They understand the needs and concerns of parties involved in business conflicts, be they companies, entrepreneurs, or their employees, in internal or external disputes.

Founded in 1997

220+ Members

More than 10 languages

Facts about SCCM Mediations

1. The average time for a commercial mediation: 4 days
2. The average cost for a commercial mediation: CHF 8’000 (split between the parties)
3. The average settlement rate: 67%

Source: Nov. 30th 2021 SKWM/CSMC/SCCM Member Survey Results (based on 89 responses)

Regional Group CNE
Central, Northern and Eastern Switzerland

The goal of the CNE regional group is to offer interesting events to SCCM members in this region as well as to the broader public.


Regional Group

The purpose of the French-speaking group is to promote commercial mediation in French-speaking Switzerland for its members and people in conflict and litigation, and to support the CSMC in its development at national and international levels.


Practice Group Business to
Business “B2B” Mediation

The B2B practice group’s goal is to harness collective intelligence through open, non-competitive and transparent peer-to-peer exchanges on the topic of B2B mediation with the goal of promoting the practice of B2B mediation in Switzerland and beyond.


Practice Group
Workplace Mediation

The goal of this practice group is to understand how mediation can be better embeded and promoted as a means of conflict resolution in the workplace area.


Practice Group
Company Succession

The path to suitable company succession is a major challenge in practice. Once a solution has been found, the involved parties breathe a sigh of relief. However, in most cases, too little attention is paid to the actual process of handing over the business. Mediation proceedings are best to address the uniqueness and complexity of disputes that arise in implementing a company succession plan.


Practice Group

Find out more about our Practice Group on the use of mediation to resolve construction disputes.


Practice Group
Life Science

We have created our own website ( that is available as a discussion platform for everyone who is interested in mediation involving the life sciences industry – whether you are an accredited mediator or just have a general interest in this topic and whether you work in a business role, in a law firm or as in-house counsel in a legal department. The primary focus of our group is mediation of business-to-business disputes in the life sciences industry.


Practice Group IP

Find out more about our Practice Group IP.


Practice Group IT

Find out more about our Practice Group IT.


Mediator Profiles

Our mediator database lists about 200 SCCM accredited mediators and conflict managers from various industries all over Switzerland as well as abroad who mediate in 10 different languages.

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