SCCM mediators are well trained individuals with diverse professional backgrounds. Each SCCM mediator obtained at least 120 hours of mediation training whereas 40 hours focused on commercial mediation. Further, our mediators have to demonstrate continued education and professional experience by re-accreditation every three years. SKWM members are obliged to comply with the rules of professional conduct of the European Code of Conduct for Mediators.

SKWM is a recognized association in the field of mediation in the canton of Vaud, which entitles SKWM mediators to be registered on the list of approved mediators.

Accreditation Commission

The Accreditation Commission contains 2 members and is responsible for all accreditation and re-accreditation issues. In addition, the Commission is in dialogue with institutions and trainers in order to offer trainings to our members for special conditions.



Accredited members (so called Professional Members) are entitled to use the title “Mediator SCCM” and/or “Conflict Manager SCCM”.

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Recognised Institutions

SCCM is working closely with institutes nationally and internationally that are offering mediation and mediation related trainings.

For institutions that would like to be listed on this page, please contact the Accreditation Commission.

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List of institutes and trainings