Making the sale in business and commerce: How using effective communication can influence the outcome


Place: Geneva

Speaker: David Bernstein, PhD

Organisation: Practice Group B2B with YPO and CCIG


How using effective communication can influence the outcome

A growing body of research has demonstrated the importance of language in marketing and sales. David with experience in management, communication and mediation will present a fascinating presentation on how we speak and what words we use can influence the outcome in business and commerce. This will be an amazing opportunity to learn how to improve communication for success and we look forward to your joining us in person or by ZOOM.


How to make negotiations more successful through mediation

Event details

Location: online via Zoom

Organiser: Practice Group Business to Business “B2B” Mediation

Speakers: Ulrich Hagel & Mirella Kreder

In business life in particular, we are all constantly negotiating. And yet we experience (1) lengthy negotiations, (2) dissatisfaction with the outcome, or even (3) failure to reach an agreement. This can have many reasons, e.g. the parties, the topic (subject matter), psychology, the stakeholders.
This workshop will show you how the involvement of a mediator in negotiations and/or independent mediation techniques can help you to overcome difficult hurdles on the way to a successful negotiation. Our speakers outline typical negotiation scenarios, analyze (potential) obstacles and show which mediation techniques can be used to conduct negotiations faster and more successfully and at the same time to achieve more sustainable solutions.
Sounds like magic? Not quite. It’s mostly logical. Let us show you and take part in this workshop.


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